Writing samples

21 Aug

print-study guide booklet-healthcare (proofreading)

print ad-healthcare-cancer clinical trials infosheet (proofreading)

web ad-slot-consumer goods (proofreading)

business letter-insurance-financial products

business letter-insurance-annuities

News article-Participants gearing up for Ride for AIDS Chicago (Journalism)

News article-Team to End AIDS ready for Chicago Marathon (Journalism)

News article-AFC Seeks Runners for Chicago Marathon (Journalism)

News article-Chicago’s pro sports teams participate in Pride Parade (Journalism)

News article-Greg Louganis headlines Open Door event (Journalism)

search engine optimization-paid search google ads-b2b marketing agency.doc

long-form promotional copy (retail-hardware)

long-form SEO sample (financial-mortgage)

copy guidelines + SEO keywords (retail-bedding)

direct response email (retail-pharmacy)

marketing blast email (retail-pharmacy)

holiday marketing blast email (retail-pharmacy)

customer service email (retail-pharmacy)

external client landing page (retail-pharmacy)

marketing collateral (retail-hardware)

long-form b2b product descriptions (insurance-commerical risk management)

short-form product descriptions-agency (retail-apparel)

short-form product descriptions-in house (retail-apparel)

short-form tie-in product descriptions (retail-hardware)

welcome page banner and slot ads (retail-pharmacy)

short news stories (media-journalism)

long political editorial (media-print journalism)

external client resume writing (outplacement)

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